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news Connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single product

We're excited to announce our latest new feature: you can now connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single product, adding support to distribute multiple packages from Unlock's private repository.

This new feature makes it even easier for developers to sell, license, and distribute their software and provides even more flexibility in how they manage their products.

Multiple repositories per product

For example, you can now use our private PHP Composer repository to host multiple packages that are part of a single product.

2 "repositories":[
3 {
4 "type":"composer",
5 "url":""
6 }
7 ],
8 "require":{
9 "wire-elements/modal":"^1.0.0",
10 "wire-elements/spotlight":"^1.0.0"
11 }

Connecting multiple GitHub repositories works not only for our private Composer repositories but also for our:

  • Private NPM repositories
  • Private Ruby repositories
  • Private Python repositories

We're committed to making Unlock the best platform for developers to sell their software, and this new feature is another step in that direction. If you're a developer, we encourage you to check out Unlock and see how we can help you sell your software.