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Updates, ideas, and inspiration from Anystack to help developers build, design, and sell software.

How to add license validation and auto-update to your WordPress plugin

It's important to protect your work from piracy and ensure that your users are using the latest version of your plugin. This is where license validation and auto-update functionality come into play.

Laravel News joins Anystack as affiliate partner

Exciting news for Laravel developers! You can now promote your paid packages on Laravel News with just a few clicks.

Introduction to package managers

Package managers are an essential part of the software development ecosystem, providing developers with a convenient way to manage and distribute their code. In this article, we'll take a closer look at four popular package managers: NPM, Composer, RubyGems, and PyPi.

Understanding the different business models for selling code online

When it comes to selling code online, there are several different business models that developers and companies can choose from.

Unlock is now Anystack

We’re excited to announce Unlock is now Anystack. This new identity aligns with our new focus — to provide the ultimate all-in-one platform to help developers market, sell, license, and distribute their code.

Sell, license, and distribute your NPM packages using a monorepo

A monorepo is a version-controlled repository that holds many different projects. In this article, we will create a monorepo that contains a few packages we want to sell, license, and distribute using our private NPM repository.

Connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single product

We're excited to announce our latest new feature: you can now connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single product, adding support to distribute multiple packages from Unlock's private repository.

Increase your revenue with localized pricing starting today

Using Unlock, it's easier than ever to sell, license, and distribute your products worldwide. We already support 135+ currencies, and today, we are adding true localization.

Sell GitHub repository access

Grant your customers with an active license access to your private GitHub repository.

A new way to advertise your products

We are introducing a new way to advertise your products and the popular Laravel administration panel Filament becomes Unlock's first affiliate partner.

Unlock has launched 🚀

I’m super excited to announce the launch of Unlock, a modern, all-in-one product platform for developers to sell, license, and distribute their software.

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