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news Unlock is now Anystack

We’re excited to announce Unlock is now Anystack. This new identity aligns with our new focus — to provide the ultimate all-in-one platform to help developers market, sell, license, and distribute their code.

It's been an exciting year for Anystack, the premier platform for developers to sell, license, and distribute their code. We've added several new features that have enhanced the experience for both developers and users alike.

One of the biggest updates we made this year was the ability to connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single product. This is perfect for developers who use mono repositories, as they can now easily manage and distribute their code from a single location.

We also introduced localized pricing, which allows developers to set different prices for their products in different regions. This means that developers can better tailor their pricing to the needs of their customers, ensuring that their products are both competitive and accessible.

Another key update we made this year was the ability to grant license holders access to private GitHub repositories. This is a great way for developers to provide their customers' access to GitHub’s issues and discussion boards.

Finally, we launched an affiliate program that allows developers to advertise their products on websites, apps, and social media of third-party publishers with no upfront costs. This means that developers can easily promote their products to a wider audience without having to worry about incurring any upfront costs.

In addition to the new features we've added this year, we're also thrilled to report that more and more developers are finding success on Anystack. As the platform has grown, we've seen a significant increase in the number of developers making their first sales, and many of them have gone on to earn tens of thousands of dollars from their products.

This is a testament to the power of Anystack as a platform, and it's exciting to see so many developers finding success and achieving their financial goals. We're dedicated to supporting and growing the Anystack community, and we're looking forward to seeing even more developers earn money from their hard work in the coming year.

We're also excited to announce that in 2023, we'll be becoming a merchant of record. We've listened to our customers and want to provide the ultimate payments, tax, and subscriptions solution for developers. Sign up for the beta program today (limited availability so be quick)! This is just one of the super exciting things we have scheduled for the coming year, so stay tuned for more announcements.

A big thanks to all customers for supporting our adventure! 🙏🏼 Stay tuned for more exciting announcements 🚀